September 17, 2017 travyrs

Bringing the World of Travel into your Living Room

Let’s face it – when we hang out at those boring functions we all attend, the conversations don’t get lively until someone pipes up about their recent trip. Travel has long been a favorite ice breaker at any event and it continues to be the number one thing people now have on their Bucket List.

While many of us dream for most it remains just that. The reality is life happens and that great travel experience just seems to become more and more elusive. Now those dreams can actually come to you instead of you having to travel to it. The advent of having high definition and virtual reality travel video content delivered through an Over the Top Digital Media Network is here and it is growing fast.

What exactly is OTT?

While you may not recognize the terminology you will know it when you see it. If you are among the millions of consumers who are tired of the Cable Channel vortex, where you have to pay for channels you may never watch, you are a potential OTT consumer. OTT is simply broadcasting video content over the Internet. Apple TV, Roku, HuLu and even Amazon are already bringing the cable cord cutters what they want. Content they choose to watch and in most cases, without those annoying commercials.
Smart Travel Industry destinations and companies are catching on. With a dedicated Travel Channel they can target specific buyers who are not seeking to roam through the vast forest known as YouTube to find exactly what they want to see. OTT provides that and more! If you’re into living the travel dream from your couch, this is the model for you. Get ready to throw that Travel Party and invite your guests to come along and share your Bucket List.