September 25, 2017 travyrs

Hidden Gems

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Travel experiences are without a doubt the type of travel consumers are looking for today. Trips are out, experiences are in. Travelers want to be immersed in their travel experience, gone are the run of the mill fly here, take a bus tour there and visit all of the tourist spots along with thousands of other travelers.

The good news is the world has a ton of travel experiences to offer and there are a lot of travel companies that have discovered some very unique way of experiencing them. These once in a lifetime experiences are out there and ready to become a part of a lifetime travel experience for the traveler’s that so very much want that. Problem is, these great experiences are many time so hard to locate that most travelers will never be able to actually take advantage of them.

During the past year, I have found it to be really hard to find the experience of a lifetime. I waded through online searches, numerous travel magazines and even some old fashioned travel catalogs (yes, they still exist in a world of digital media, there are those volumes of trips all nicely bound up and at your disposal just by asking). When I finally found some great experiences I then had the task of exactly how do I find out more? That got me to static web sites with pictures of what I guess I was supposed to be moved by. Yes, in an age of video and VR technology, there are still travel companies that want to inspire you with still photos of destinations and people.

What a shame that with so much to offer that travel companies are still in the dark ages when it comes to bringing their experiences to life for potential customers. Alas there are but a few choices that not only provide the ability to actually find an experience just by searching for it on a browser but when you get to that experience, you can interact with your dreams for being a part of it. Maybe there is hope yet.