July 11, 2018 travyrs

Navigating the Sea of Travel Video Content

mother son and daughter in dock looking right big cruise ship on background
** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

There is not much debate among marketing executives with regard to the value of video marketing. Consumers are truly viewing video content in record numbers and that fact has changed the way marketing messages are being delivered. As with any major shift in marketing navigation this change in particular has created challenges.

The Travel Industry, while representing an ideal industry for video, has been a true testament to how jumping into the video marketing arena is not as easy as making a former TV Commercial into a video. Video brochures can be great to watch and listen as music follows a bird’s-eye view of a destination. Unfortunately, sometimes the music is so intrusive it takes the focus away from the scenes flying by. Scenes flying by are yet another issue, they remind me of the days before digital cameras where we had to actually have pictures developed. I had shoe boxes filled with great photos with the intention of one day creating albums of the world I had seen and thought enough of to take those pictures. Years later, of course having never gotten to that album project, I found myself still gazing at beautiful mountain ranges, dark blue oceans and amazing architecture. Problem was I found myself trying to recall exactly where was I when I took this picture and exactly what was it I was trying to capture that one day could be a part of my album?  Same can be said for travel videos today. Great moving pictures, but what exactly am I wanting to get from those pictures is not quite clear. Understood, it is hard to make a video for a particular viewer who is searching for a particular venue or destination and then be able to actually show them “why they should be here”.

Or is it not so hard??

Turns out it actually is not hard at all to provide video content that can provide the story behind the content and that content can be delivered to a specific travel buyer who is either searching for that content or whom a travel company desires to bring to their content. The production and delivery of the content through OTT Technology can provide that and more. Imagine wetting the appetite for a venue, travel experience or a destination and then having that ready to buy traveler being able to do so right from the very same video.

The Travel Industry is slowly catching on to having video content versus the traditional and very out dated print media for marketing. The steps taken to date however are still not up with the times. Travel video content can be found on YouTube where many travel companies have created their YouTube Channels. That solves one issue for the traveler, video content is available. Finding exactly what you want is yet another issue. Searches on YouTube will bring up content, I tried it and here are some of my personal results:

A search for a Caribbean Cruise got me to videos about that topic. The first video available said Carnival Cruise. When I clicked on that video it was actually a video from a rather upset Carnival customer who made a video entitled 10 Reasons Not to Take a Carnival Cruise. Ouch.

Further to travel videos, a good friend of mine actually booked a cruise. To help plan their cruise they browsed through the cruise line’s website and found video links for activities on the ship. They shared the video with me. The video was obviously taken by a passenger on their phone. It showed an activity taking place in the ballroom, with the lighting not able to show what was actually taking place and the audio offered nothing more than audience noise. It got worse from there. At the completion of the video, the typical YouTube screen came up with “other” videos you could view. Those video selections were for other cruise lines.

The Sea of Travel Video Content can be channeled much better. The world is an incredible place and the travel industry can do amazing things to bring a wonderful life fulfilling experience to millions of people. Let’s get on the right path.