Surround Marketing refers to an end to end marketing plan created by digital marketing experts to enormously enhance the visibility of any content, event, experience or person.

Trying to become popular on today’s web using SEO, content development, meta tags and back linking is akin to expecting a model T to run like a Jaguar.  It’s not very realistic, or extremely costly if it were ever to happen.

With the introduction of automation engines and machine learning into the digital marketing, there are amazingly effective strategies to get your travel experience or web site as popular as the big boys for much less than it was ever possible previously.

Surround Marketing starts with enhancement of the source code behind the content so that it better communicates the nature of the content or data to the search engines. Then it employs traditional SEO tools to establish the key phrases that would best lift your content to its rightful place. Subsequently, with proper use of data sets, video transcription, Enhanced Reality, and OTT, your content will be in front of consumers nearly continuously.

Finally, with marketing automation and machine learning every nuance is tracked and adjusted in a continuous cycle until your content is in front of the exact buyer you wanted.