So to help you – or your boss – understand the power of video, we collected over 50 video marketing stats spanning everything from why video is effective at driving customer intent all the way through to what videos you should be posting to your social channels. There’s something for everyone here, so let’s dive in!

  • 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before they visit a store – Google
  • 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it – Animot
  • 1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if they don’t have video – Animoto
  • 59% of consumers say that customer testimonial videos are helpful – Animoto
  • North Americans ranked video as the #1 content asset they would like to see from brands – HubSpot

Engaging Viewers

  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text – HubSpot
  • 96% of business-related videos take place on desktop browsers, and only 14% on mobile – Vidyard
  • The most popular viewing time for B2B videos is 7am – 11am PST – Vidyard
  • The top 5% of videos retain an average of 77% of viewers to the last second – Vidyard
  • The average video retains 37% of viewers all the way to the last second – Vidyard
  • Videos under 90 seconds have an average retention rate of 53%. Videos over 30 minutes retain only 10% – Vidyard
  • Wednesday is the busiest day for B2B video viewing – Vidyard
  • 82% of all global consumer internet traffic will come from video by 2020 – Cisco

Optimizing Video Content

  • On average, 18 videos are published each month by businesses – Vidyard
  • 85% of businesses now have internal video production staff and resources – Vidyard
  • Manufacturing and High Tech are the industries that publish the most new videos – Vidyard
  • Businesses have an average of 293 videos in their library – Vidyard
  • 56% of videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long – Vidyard
  • The four most common video types for business are Explainers, Product Demos, How-Tos and Testimonials – Vidyard
  • The average length for B2B video is 8 minutes long – Vidyard
  • 85% of businesses are likely to begin or continue using video in 2017 – Marketing Insider

Distributing Your Videos

  • Company websites and social media are the two most popular distribution channels for business video – Vidyard
  • The top 3 types of video on YouTube are Product Reviews, How-Tos and Video Blogs – Mediakix
  • Adding video to your site increases your chance of a front-page Google result by 50x – Forrester
  • Adding video to your social feeds means audiences are 10x more likely to engage and share your posts – Content Marketing Institute
  • More video content is uploaded every month to the web than cable television has created in the last 3 decades – Clickbank
  • 33% of tablet owners watch at least an hour of video every day – Brafton
  • 63% of marketers surveyed said that Facebook has the biggest impact for their social videos – Animoto
  • People spend 3x more time watching a Live video on Facebook than a video that is no longer live – Facebook
  • Searches related to “how-to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year – Google
  • 67% of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on any topic they want to learn – Google
  • 55% of viewers consume video content thoroughly – higher even than social media – Hubspot
  • Landing pages with video convert up to 80% better than those without – Vidyard
  • Open-to-reply rates have been seen to increase 8x in emails that contain a video – Vidyard
  • Including the word “video” in email subject lines can increase open rates by 19% – HighQ
  • Adding video to an email can increase click-through rates by up to 50% – Campaign Monitor

Videos on Social

  • Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos, and three times more likely than GIFs
  • Twitter – • Video is shared 1200% more on social media than other content types – SimplyMeasured
  • Social video ads receive an average 1.84% click-through rate, higher than any other form of social advertising – Invesp
  • People comment 10 times more often on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos – Facebook

Personalized Video

  •  The average retention rate for personalized videos is 35% higher than for non-personalized videos – Vidyard
  • 75% of late-stage prospects that received a personalized videos became closed deals – SalesLoft
  • Personalized videos have a 16x increase in click-to-opens and a 4.5x increase in total/unique click-throughs – Vidyard
  • Measuring Your Video Success
  • 35% of businesses are using intermediate or advanced analytics to measure video performance – Vidyard
  • Businesses producing 50+ videos per year are 2.5x more likely to use advanced analytics – Vidyard
  • Companies using increased video analytics are far more likely to be increasing budgets for video this year – Vidyard
  • Over 50% of marketing professionals world-wide name video as the type of content with the best ROI – Adobe
  • 70% of marketers say video is the most effective medium for driving conversions – Demand Metric
  • The average cost per marketing-generated lead is 19% lower for companies that are using video – Aberdeen
  • Video users grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video – Aberdeen
  • Video users enjoy 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher conversion rates – Aberdeen
  • Video users see 41% more web traffic from search than non-users – Aberdeen

Driving Buyer Intent & Conversions

  • 96% of viewers find video helpful when making purchase decisions online – Animoto
  • Prospects that view videos of a product are 85% more likely to buy – Internet Retailer
  • 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video – Forbes
  • 51% of executives under 40 reported making a purchase decision after watching a video – Forbes

Businesses are embracing online video as a more personal and engaging way to connect with audiences in an increasingly digital word. 2016 saw significant milestones in the use of online video. Mass consumption by consumers to the tune of 20+ billion video views per day across Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube alone is driving adoption within business to address shifting expectations. Brands are no longer asking if video is a worthwhile investment but how to leverage it in a more scalable and strategic manner.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that “video is a mega trend” and that he “wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.”
Unsurprisingly, the shorter the video, the larger percentage of the audience is left at the end. For example, a video less than 90 seconds in length sees an average retention at the end of 53% compared to a video over 30 minutes that retains only 10% of its audience.

Mark, five years is today.